Distribution of 100 Blankets to elderly people at Bananes on 09 August 2017

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In the freezing August night of the village of Bananes, when the entire village put on their sweaters, caps and mufflers with a hot cup of tea, there are few under-privileged who cannot afford even a blanket.          

IN the freezing August night of the village of Bananes

Mauritius Telecom Foundation proceeded with the distribution of 100 blankets to senior citizens from the vulnerable groups at Bananes Multipurpose hall on Wednesday 9 August 2017.

Chitralekha Ramjuttun, President of Bananes Senior Citizens stated "Bananes ene place cot faire beaucoup frais, mo bien content ki telecom fondation ine pense nou et finne donne nou sa banne moltons la pou affronte l'hiver"

village of Bananes

Ensuring that the help reaches out only to the neediest has been the principal challenge of Mauritius Telecom Foundation. Since the inception, making sure that the help reaches to the ones who are actually in need has been the key objective of the drive.