Distribution of commode wheelchairs, toys and school materials at Mahebourg on Wednesday 05 December 2018

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On Wednesday 05 December 2018, Mauritius Telecom Foundation (MTF) proceeded with a ceremony of distribution of commode wheelchairs, toys and school materials to the inhabitants of Mahebourg from the vulnerable groups. The ceremony was held at Remi Ollier Village Hall, in Mahebourg.

Distribution at Mahebourg 05Dec2018

Distribution at Mahebourg 05Dec2018

MTF donated 20 commode wheelchairs to persons with severe physical disabilities. The commode wheelchairs enable patients who have limited mobility, due to an accident or any physical disabilities, to use the toilet with ease as it is easily converted back into a normal wheel chair afterwards. This initiative is an opportunity for the disabled to live normally. Mauritius Telecom Foundation strives to make a real difference in the life of a physically disabled person.

Distribution at Mahebourg 05Dec2018

During this ceremony, MTF also distributed 3000 copybooks, 200 school bags and 200 toys to children of vulnerable groups. The aim of donating school materials is mainly to ensure that every vulnerable child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom by providing free school supplies to students most in need.

Many children live without the means to have their most basic needs met, much less receive a gift at holiday time. Mauritius Telecom Foundation believes that, a gift of toys and supplies can make a big difference to children and families living in poverty.