National Launch of “Je recycle les mobiles et les piles” at the Municipality of Curepipe

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The recycling project “Je recycle les mobiles et les piles”, an initiative of Mauritius Telecom, in partnership with NGO Mission Verte, recycling enterprise BEM Ltd and Rotary Club Port Louis Citadelle, was launched on a pilot basis in October 2009. The project is financed from the CSR Fund of Mauritius Telecom. Collection boxes for used mobiles and batteries were placed in all the Orange shops of Mauritius Telecom.

The official launch of the National Campaign took place at the Municipality of Curepipe on 24 October 2010 in the presence of Hon. Deva Virahsawmy; Hon Michael Si Yuen, Minister of Business, Cooperatives and SMEs; the Deputy Mayor of Curepipe and Mr Sarat Lallah.

To facilitate the collection of used mobiles and batteries from the public, a large number of small collection boxes are being made available in shops, supermarkets, Government and private offices and many other sites across the country.