Technological Support to JA Mascareignes

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In line with Mauritius Telecom’s objectives, the Mauritius Telecom Foundation (MTF) participates in CSR programs that are sustainable. It leverages on the Company’s expertise to reach out, serve and empower the less privileged sections of the community.

Guided by its corporate philosophy, the MTF has always expressed its concern and care by initiating and supporting worthy causes. On 16 June 2020, the MTF offered technological support to the Junior Achievement Mascareignes (JA Mascareignes), for its ‘Online Work Readiness Program’.


Following the Covid-19 national confinement period, JA Mascareignes developed an Online Work Readiness Program to help its students aged between 16 to 23 years to learn about the key work readiness skills fom the comfort of their homes. The aim of the program is to impart to the participants the necessary skills to obtain and keep a job. The implementation of this program and the move towards digitalisation resulted in more costs than the NGO could sustain.

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This CSR initiative was hosted at Telecom Tower in the presence of Mrs Michele Lionnet (Executive Director of JA Mascareignes), the JA Mascareignes team, Mr Jean Daniel Henry - Head of MT Foundation and Mr Bashir Mahamode, Consultant at the MTF.

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About JA Mascareignes

Founded in 29 December 2009, JA Mascareignes is a registered association (NGO) in Mauritius whose mission is to ‘educate and inspire the young generation in Mauritius and Rodrigues to develop entrepreneurial and life skills through its Learn by Doing Programs.’ Through its different hands-on programs, JA Mascareignes aims to raise awareness amongst youngsters and inculcate in them abilities and ethics to better face the challenges of the society.  The programs are based on 3 main pillars: work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.