Technological Support to M-Kids Organisation

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On the 19th August 2020, Mauritius Telecom Foundation was glad to welcome the representatives of M-Kids organisation for the technological support provided by MTF.

M-Kids Organisation is a registered charitable organisation whose main intervention areas are: (1) Child Poverty eradication, (2) Remedial Education, and (3) Psycho-Social wellbeing of vulnerable groups.

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In order to expand their program 'after school remedial education program' M-Kids asked MTF for help to have technological support to allow 25 beneficiaries of grade 5 and 6 years to have access to courses offered by the organization.


A ceremony was held at Telecom Tower to explain and donate the technological solution to M-KIDS representatives in the presence of Mr Jean Daniel Henry - Head of MT Foundation and Mr Bashir Mahamode Consultant.