Distribution of Wheelchairs

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For most of us, there is nothing more natural than hopping on a bus or running. It is often argued that mobility today forms an essential part of our identity and our lifestyles. 

However, many individuals have very different daily experiences of mobility; because they have a disability, moving from one place to another considered obvious is impossible or very difficult for them. 

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The wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to improve a person’s mobility; mobility is a prerequisite for enjoying human rights and allows people with disabilities to become more productive members of their communities. 

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Let Us Be One Social Group, a registered association and community based NGO working for people of the bottom of the social ladder especially the needy and the physically challenged, contacted Mauritius Telecom for sponsorship of wheelchairs for their beneficiaries. 

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In this context, a handing over ceremony was organised on Wednesday 19 August 2020 at the Goodlands Social Welfare Centre for the distribution of wheelchairs to 15 beneficiaries. 

The Hon. Avinash Teeluck, Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage, Dr. The Hon. Anjiv Ramdhany, PPS and other eminent personalities graced the function by their distinguished presence.

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