11th Cheque Ceremony by the Mauritius Telecom Foundation to 11 NGOs in Rodrigues

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The Mauritius Telecom Foundation organised a cheque presentation ceremony for NGOs in Rodrigues aiming to provide financial assistance for their projects. 

The ceremony took place on Saturday 20 February 2021 at Les Cocotiers Hotel in Rodrigues in the presence of Mr Serge Clair GCSK, Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues Regional Assembly (RRA), Mr Jean Daniel Henry, Head of Mauritius Telecom Foundation, Mr Bashir Mahamode, Consultant Mauritius Telecom Foundation and Mr Deepak Dabypersad, Manager MT Rodrigues.

The different NGOs that have benefited from this financial aid are:

  1. Association SOS Pauvreté – Port Mathurin, Rodrigues – Rs 50,000
    Reducing number of drug, alcohol and cigarette users through social integration of children.


  2. Voluntary Blood Donors Association – Baie Lascar, Rodrigues – Rs 50,000
    Encouraging the donation of blood by conducting awareness campaigns in villages, colleges and groups and also the recruitment of safe blood donors from the healthy population between 17 to 65 years old.


  3. Action Familiale – Port Mathurin, Rodrigues – Rs 50,000
    Educating young citizens and adults of Rodrigues about the prevention of early pregnancy and providing training sessions to young people.


  4. The Trevor Huddleston Association for the Disabled - Camp du Roi, Rodrigues - Rs 50,000
    Conducting an awareness campaign on an island wide basis to educate the population about the signs and symptoms of hearing impairment and how this can affect the social and educational advancement of a person.


  5. Association Feminine de Baie Topaze – Baie Topaze, Rodrigues – Rs 50,000
    Empowering women in Rodrigues by providing training and coaching to alleviate poverty. Encouraging and developing women entrepreneurs.


  6. Careco – Camp du Roi, Rodrigues – Rs 75,000
    Empowering people with disabilities and alleviating poverty in Rodrigues by providing training and production workshop.


  7. Breast Cancer Care– Port Mathurin, Rodrigues – Rs 75,000
    Providing training sessions on handicraft and food processing to breast cancer patients in Rodrigues who are unemployed and are not beneficiaries of the government support grant.


  8. Restore Another Child's Hope Association (REACH)- Rue Solitaire, Port Mathurin, Rodrigues – Rs 100,000
    Providing school materials and moral support to deprived children for their academic development.


  9. EDYCS Epilepsy Group – Quarters La Ferme, Rodrigues - Rs 100,000
    Providing clinical psychological support to adults and children with epilepsy and sleep disorder. Educating and providing adults and parents of children with epilepsy and sleep disorders with appropriate skills and healthy sleeping tips.


  10. Association Les Enfants D’Abord - Oyster Bay, Rodrigues – Rs 100,000
    Providing basic musical training (singing, music, dancing and drama) mainly to underprivileged children.


  11. Caritas Rodrigues – Centre Carrefour, Port Mathurin, Rodrigues – Rs 300,000
    Providing hot meals to poor and needy students on a daily basis.