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Board of Directors

Mr Sherry Singh

Chief Executive Officer


Mr Jean Daniel Henry

Head of MT Foundation

Mr Bashir Mahamode


Who we are ?

The Mauritius Telecom Foundation is a Special Purpose Vehicle established in December 2009 to administer the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds and Projects of Mauritius Telecom group.

As one of the leading enterprises and the leader in the telecommunications sector in Mauritius, Mauritius Telecom is fully committed to upholding its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards its stakeholders - Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Environment, The Mauritian society in general.

  • Company No. : 92247
  • Business Registration No. : CO9O92247
  • CSR Accreditation No. : N/1292

The following companies credit their CSR Funds to the Mauritius Telecom Foundation:

  • Mauritius Telecom Ltd
  • Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd
  • Telecom Plus Ltd
  • Call Services Ltd
  • Teleservices Ltd
  • Rimcom Ltd

The Mauritius Telecom Foundation

The Mauritius Telecom Foundation (MTF) has had responsibility for the management of the MT Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds since December 2009. However, even before then, corporate philanthropy was already well entrenched within the Company’s culture and history. In 2013, Rs 40 million were placed at the Foundation’s disposal.

The MTF concentrates on funding major national projects promoting social and economic integration and poverty alleviation. Other CSR initiatives include support to community projects in the fields of ICT, Social Housing, Education, Health, Disabilities, Sport and the Environment.

Since 2009, more than 240,000 people have benefitted directly or indirectly from the 154 projects initiated by the Foundation in Mauritius and Rodrigues. In all, the Foundation has collaborated with 95 NGOs and institutions, including 20 in Rodrigues.

Reaching out

Some people have little or no access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a result of their limited financial means or education. However, ICT can contribute to economic and social development and the MTF is using innovative strategies to overcome this digital divide so that more people can gain access to ICT in suitable conditions.

21% of the MTF’s funds were allocated to ICT projects. The Foundation finances 314 of the National Computer Board’s (NCB) computer clubs (with a total of 942 work stations), which provide free access to the internet. More than 60,000 people in Mauritius use this facility each month. For those in remote areas, a cyber-caravan was presented to the NCB to provide people there with ICT training.

Helping people with disabilities

One of the MTF’s major initiatives in 2013 was Unique comme toi, a battle alongside other institutions to champion the cause of autism, to evolve mentalities and behaviour, to create appropriate structures and help families. The MTF produced and launched a comic book to inform people about autism and organised a colloquium with eminent French academics to share the last methodologies developed for autism, in which 263 parents and 155 health professionals took part.

The Foundation financed a further 14 projects with the aim of providing care for and empowering people with disabilities. The MTF seeks to ensure that people with intellectual and physical disabilities are afforded the same opportunities as others. MTF also donated 1,200 commode chairs to persons with limited mobility.

Inclusive development

The MTF continued to support the running costs of day-care centres and pre-primary schools, which provide a valuable and safe environment for children, while enabling their parents to work or attend training. Those helped were La Maison de L’Enfance in St Croix, Les Abeilles in Vallée Pitot, La Valette Terre de Paix and Le Flamboyant in Cité Richelieu. The MTF also part financed the construction of 23 social houses at Karo Kalyptis.

Over in Rodrigues, the Foundation contributed to nine empowerment programmes run by various NGOs.

Respecting the environment

The MTF is firmly committed to respecting the environment and the battle to limit climate change. It aims to optimise waste management and find responsible solutions to environmental issues.

Through its ongoing scheme, 11 tons of used batteries and 3,500 used mobile telephones were collected for recycling. The MTF also continued its support to the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation to save the endemic skinks on Round Island, Gunner’s Quoin (Coin de Mire) and Ile aux Aigrettes, and provided the Gandhian Basic School with a rain-harvesting system.


Investing in education is the single most effective means of reducing poverty. The MTF financed eight projects targeting the education of 705 children and adolescents from vulnerable backgrounds. MTF also financed the work of TIPA, which provides and promotes a holistic and innovative educational approach favouring the overall development of a child through art and culture, involving 190 students from ZEP schools, which are generally in deprived areas.

Encouraging sporting activity

The MTF’s involvement with sport is not just because of the health effects or its popularity. Team sports support learning, accountability, dedication and leadership, which is why the Foundation supports the Fondation pour la Formation au Football, which trains 4,000 young people every year. It also contributed to volleyball and triathlon training for young athletes from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


The MTF contributed Rs 2 million to the PMO’s relief funds for the victims of the March 2013 flash flood. It also continued its support to the fight against cancer.

Social engagement and voluntary action (SEVA)

SEVA is the MT Group’s employee volunteer programme. Amongst the various activities organised, employees met with pre-primary school children and distributed books to them. Senior citizens were introduced to computing and the internet, and women were trained in bookkeeping to help them run their own businesses. Supporting nature conservation, 47 employees took part in a weeding and cleaning operation on Ile de la Passe. Also under the SEVA programme, 60 children from Bois Marchand were taken to a cinema for the first time in their lives and 50 children with disabilities on a historical and cultural trip to the Sugar Museum (L’Aventure du Sucre).


National Empowerment Foundation

Financée par l'Etat, la NEF inscrit ses orientations stratégiques dans le cadre de la politique gouvernementale. Elle est dirigée par un Conseil d'administration, composé de membres bénévoles issus des secteurs privé et public.